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  Bronze Sheet  

Applications : Applicable To Spring, Switch, Lead Frame, Connector, Diaphragm,Bellows,
Fuse Clip, Sliding Piece, Bearing, Bushing, Percussion Instrument, Etc.
For Electronic And Electric Apparatus.
Specification : 1219MM - 4FT/ 279MMX1803MM- 11" X 71"
Material Grades : None
Surface Finish : None
Available Size : None


1 0.15mm 410mm x 1219mm
2 0.20mm 410mm x 1219mm
3 0.30mm 410mm x 1219mm
4 0.40mm 410mm x 1219mm
5 0.50mm 410mm x 1219mm
6 0.60mm 410mm x 1219mm
7 0.70mm 410mm x 1219mm
8 0.80mm 410mm x 1219mm
9 1.00mm 410mm x 1219mm
10 1.20mm 410mm x 1219mm
11 1.50mm 410mm x 1219mm
12 0.20mm 215mm x 1219mm
13 0.20mm 305mm x 1219mm
14 0.50mm 215mm x 1219mm
15 0.60mm 290mm x 1219mm
16 0.40mm 279mm x 1803mm
17 0.50mm 279mm x 1803mm
18 0.60mm 279mm x 1803mm
19 0.60mm 279mm x 3.0m
20 0.60mm 279mm x 5.5mm
21 0.70mm 279mm x 1803mm
22 0.80mm 279mm x 1803mm
23 1.00mm 279mm x 1803mm
24 1.20mm 279mm x 1803mm
25 1.50mm 279mm x 1803mm
26 2.00mm 279mm x 1803mm

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